When I was in primary school, I remember we had a day for sex education. Something that felt not only embarrassing for the 60 or so 10/11 year olds but also the elderly women that seemed to be in fear of the kids asking questions.  Fast forward 25 years and sex education has evolved, is well taught and has become an important part of our children’s curriculum.

Its a shame that we can’t say the same for mental health. People walking around felling shamed and afraid because they don’t understand what is wrong with them, a family member or a friend.

Things are changing, but a lot more needs to be done. Wellbeing classes are being introduced, mindfulness it taught, if a teacher chooses to do so, but what about those struggling with other issues. More needs to be done to help educate our children and also our adults about mental health. These are 2 interesting articles as to what is needed and also what is being implemented in secondary schools from September. Personally I believe Mental Health education should be introduced long before sex education.