A positive experience of Counselling

In this recent Instagram video Irish singer BABA describes how her postive experience of counselling helped inspire her most recent song ‘Hold On Tight’. It has also motivated her to fundraise for the ‘Deora’ low cost suicide intervention counselling service at Dublin’s Oasis Centre in the North Inner city.

Relationship breakdown, Divorce & Mental Health

The upcoming referendum has made discussion of relationship breakdowns, separation & divorce very topical. This article from clinical psychologist Dr. Maureen Gaffney gives an insightful look at the topic in particular highlighting the mental & physical health costs to couples. She highlights early intervention as key, as early as prior to marriage. Many clients I have worked with [...]

Acknowledging race in mental health services

The 21st March marked International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The following article from the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland blog outlines how race & ethnicity is an area that poses a variety of challenges not only in terms of the mental health of ethnic minorities generally but also in terms of the provision of supports and differences [...]

Parenting – child development & learning about success & failure

The below article from therapist & author Stella O’Malley explores the topic of achievement in children,  and the interaction of their resilience, mental health & exam pressure. An interesting point is made on fostering a “growth” as opposed to a “fixed” mindset in young people – based on the work of Sanford professor of psychology Carol [...]

Social media & young minds

An article by leading Irish child and adolescent psychotherapist Colm Noctor. He provides insights for parents facing the challenges of children immersed in an era of increased technology and ever changing forms of social media.

Battling Burnout?

Burnout is something  many clients visit a counsellor for – often describing it in relation to work and family commitments. Of course there can be more to it than that and as the below article from the Irish Times articulates, an exact definition is elusive.. Our brief mental health checkup is a simple way to provide a structured reflective space [...]

Male Mental Health and the workplace

A recent survey by UK mental health group MIND highlights issues for men with respect to their mental health & their place of work. It also seems to show that women are better at taking time off and managing mental health concerns at work. While gender may be a variable, workplace dynamics can be an area of concern for the mental health [...]

Mental Health in the Workplace – Thriving at Work Report

This week saw the publication of the Thriving at Work Report in the United Kingdom. The report reveals the extent of the human cost of poor mental health at work and the impacts on society, the economy and the government. It also provides a set of six core standards for employers to adopt and implement to support [...]

What is Stress?

Many clients present for counselling  because of “stress” and its associated links to anxiety, depression and relationship problems. November 1st was National Stress Awareness Day and the below article from the BBC tries to break down simply what stress is. Adrenaline is a hormone many people are familiar with but cortisol is often less in the public awareness.

Coming off medication – can counselling help?

The below article by Ceire Sadlier describes her experience involving both Doctors and Counsellors as she gradually decided to come off medication for anxiety & depression. She describes something that many clients can feel namely the pressure to “come off” medication which can be unhelpful and in some cases dangerous if not managed correctly. The article also describes an initial negative (and [...]