Mental Health in the Workplace – Thriving at Work Report

This week saw the publication of the Thriving at Work Report in the United Kingdom. The report reveals the extent of the human cost of poor mental health at work and the impacts on society, the economy and the government. It also provides a set of six core standards for employers to adopt and implement to support [...]

What is Stress?

Many clients present for counselling  because of “stress” and its associated links to anxiety, depression and relationship problems. November 1st was National Stress Awareness Day and the below article from the BBC tries to break down simply what stress is. Adrenaline is a hormone many people are familiar with but cortisol is often less in the public awareness.

Coming off medication – can counselling help?

The below article by Ceire Sadlier describes her experience involving both Doctors and Counsellors as she gradually decided to come off medication for anxiety & depression. She describes something that many clients can feel namely the pressure to “come off” medication which can be unhelpful and in some cases dangerous if not managed correctly. The article also describes an initial negative (and [...]

Education around Mental Health

When I was in primary school, I remember we had a day for sex education. Something that felt not only embarrassing for the 60 or so 10/11 year olds but also the elderly women that seemed to be in fear of the kids asking questions.  Fast forward 25 years and sex education has evolved, is [...]

The Stigmas around Mental Health

As a psychotherapist I see many different people come through my door and for some, the feeling of embarrassment and shame are very prominent. "Am I mental", "I feel like a nutter" are just some of the phrases I hear on the phone and in session. It's easy to to a GP to seek help [...]

Am I Depressed?

Are you worried about your mood or feeling down? Many of us have "bad days" or feel low on occasions. For some this may be a "normal" part of their life and for others it may be the symptoms of something else. The 2 links below are a quick way that may help you decide [...]

Counselling and Psychotherapy Dublin

We are inclined to pay attention when our bodies cause us pain and let us know that some kind of medical intervention is required. We are less likely to give proper attention to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Yet psychological and emotional suffering is just as debilitating as physical pain. Counselling and psychotherapy – the [...]

Low Cost Counselling Dublin

Low Cost Counselling Counselling & Psychotherapy can be affordable I specialise in lowcost counseling in Dublin and surrounding areas. If you require I can provide various pathways which assist in making it possible to afford the fees. How do I acquire affordable counselling? We are committed to giving people every opportunity to live a full [...]