Psychotherapists & Counsellors offer support in times of crisis, when life feels out of control or has become unmanageable.

Counselling deals with immediate critical issues (e.g. relationship break-up, anxiety, work-related stress). It involves meeting regularly (usually weekly) with a fully trained professional therapist in a safe, caring and confidential setting. This creates a space in which you can explore the difficulties you are experiencing and begin to make appropriate changes in your life.

Psychotherapy also involves meeting regularly with a fully trained professional, but looks at deeper, more long-term issues that are affecting your life. It focuses on the influences that shape present distress – childhood experiences, family relationships, experiences of sexuality, grief, loss and trauma.

Psychotherapy & Counselling are often used interchangeably to help you deal with present life crises and past wounds.

At Healing Minds Counselling and Psychotherapy we believe that people have the ability to heal themselves, to integrate the different elements of the self and to bring about change in their lives. Neuroscience shows that integration – the maintenance of difference while facilitating connection – is central to the healthy functioning of the brain. It is in the relationship between the therapist and the client that the process of integration occurs.

We provide a safe, caring and confidential setting where you can meet with your therapist and begin to discover how you can deal more effectively and resourcefully with what is happening in your life.